AAW Manpower and Consultancy Services, Inc., started its consultancy services way back in 1991 serving as a bridge for Filipino caregivers and their families in realizing their dream to work and live in Canada. Under the then AAMAC Consultancy Services, the people behind AAWMCSI have successfully assisted numerous clients in different parts of Canada by connecting them to highly qualified Filipino caregivers who were also looking for better employment opportunities outside their native land.

Over the years, the Canadian immigration process involving caregivers and their families underwent several changes and challenges, but with the company’s perseverance and commitment to its clientele aspirations, it was able to establish itself as a dependable manpower provider. Many of AAMAC’s satisfied clients will attest to the kind of service the company had provided for them not just with top-notch efficiency but with a human touch.

Back in its homebase USA, the company saw a great demand for more workers of different skill levels in the country. This motivated the company to study how it could apply the same manpower provider model and duplicate the same success in Canada in its homebase USA. Propelled by the company founders’ intense desire to provide more employment opportunities for qualified Filipino workers, this prompted the company to expand its business into corporations to empower it to cater more effectively to the demands of its target clientele in the USA. Thus, in February 2020, AAWMCSI was born.

The company prides itself in its extensive experience in manpower creation and provision during its AAMAC days. Despite the innumerable challenges its founders had confronted in this industry, the company had remained steadfast in its resolve to stay the course and serve as many clients and applicants in its promise to be an instrument in helping people realize their dreams for a better life for themselves and for their families.


To be a premier force in delivering topnotch manpower enabling our client companies to achieve their goals in the everchanging work climate of the times, and in the process become a key instrument in realizing the aspirations of our applicants for a better and fuller life.


To provide high quality manpower required by our client companies in their respective industries, while offering the best employment opportunities to our job applicants.

Due to the shortage of manpower for various job positions in the United States particularly in the caregiving and housekeeping sectors, many companies have turned to the services of staffing agencies to address their manpower needs. With its extensive background and experience in manpower creation and provision, AAWMCSI hopes to emerge as a dependable player in the staffing business. Serving with a strategically placed office in Israel AAWMCSI assumes the important role of a liaison between the sponsoring companies and their potential candidates. With the help of its partner immigration professionals who will handle the complex aspects of the hiring process (PERM at US Labour Department, filing the petition at USCIS for selected candidates, all the way to the final stages of the visa processing at the National Visa Center), AAWMCSI promises outstanding customer service, personalized assistance, and more excellent value, thus optimizing the application experience and efficiently reducing the waiting period involved in the entire process.

AAWMCSI guarantees that candidates will be accommodated upon arrival in the United States to help them secure the necessary documents such as State IDs, Social Security, and to help them acclimatize to America, orienting them thoroughly before they are assimilated into the client company’s work force.

Our consultants and immigration lawyers are distinguished by their expertise and their hands-on involvement and approachability, thereby ensuring that our client companies and their candidates receive the most effective and satisfactory professional service. Many of our satisfied clients will attest to the kind of service we have provided for them not just with top-notch efficiency but with a human touch. AAWMCSI believes that to be truly successful, it must continue to engage with its client companies and job applicants not just as a business entity but as a channel to the realization of their own aspirations.

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