Our Story

The founders of AAWMCSI began their consulting services 31 years ago, with the goal of assisting Filipino caregivers who want to work in Canada. They have served clients effectively and have been able to match highly trained Filipino caregivers in their respective sectors. AAMAC Consultancy Services, the people behind AAWMCSI, has built an exceptional reputation for supplying its partner clients with the best competent employees for their workforce needs. To this day, the perseverance and commitment of these people are still burning, and that’s the reason why they want to expand their services in its home-based USA. Thus, AAWMCSI was founded in February 2020 with the hope of servicing another generation of competent Filipino workers as well as our partner clientele.


The emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in loss of profit, supply chain issues, workforce shortages, and unprecedented disruption of business. According to the most recent data, there are over 10 million job opportunities in the United States—but only about 6 million unemployed workers. To put it another way, there are many jobs but not enough employees to fill them. That’s why due to labor shortages, several businesses have turned to staffing agencies to meet their workforce requirements. However, not all businesses have been successful with this strategy. We have heard about companies who are still struggling with their manpower, despite spending millions of dollars to sponsor an agency. The fact is that, not all staffing agencies invest time and effort in developing and nurturing solid candidates, which is why the journey ended in failure. These scenarios are all too prevalent, and they are almost certainly unavoidable if a company depends on an unreliable manpower agency. That’s why here in AAWMCSI, you’re our top priority!


Our mission has always been to provide high-quality workforce to our clients in their respective industries. We do not only offer you with the best employees, but we also ensure that every step mandated by law is followed until you have successfully worked with these applicants.  Since then, we have always kept our promises and guaranteed you that working with us will provide you with significant advantages:

We understand that hiring for your own company would really require a lot of time and effort and would not be possible immediately. It’s not an overnight process. Interviewing people, reviewing applications, determining compensation, and doing all legal paperwork on your own would take a significant amount of time, away from building your business. Here in AAWMCSI, we guarantee that you can save your valuable time because we will take care of everything for you. You do not have to sort through hundreds of unqualified applicants or waste time interviewing uninterested candidates. We will handle all the challenging and oftentimes stressful processes of recruiting. By using our huge talent networks, we can assist you in reducing your time-to-hire employment cycle to days, rather than weeks or months by finding candidates within the time range you specified. This allows you to concentrate on your core competencies while we manage the rest!

AAWCMSI can assist you in lowering both the direct and indirect expenses connected with the recruitment process. With the help of our positive efforts, we can handle other resources such as money, materials, and machines involved in the hiring process successfully and efficiently. We understand the importance of money in advancing the business, thus we assure you that you will save a lot with us!

Workers do come and go, especially in contract-based jobs. Nevertheless, you will feel secure here at AAWMCSI since we have a broader network of qualified professionals that we can match on your job opportunities immediately. We understand the frustration of having to start the hiring process all over again when your existing employee leaves after the contract expires. That’s why with us, you don’t have to worry anymore. We can quickly identify potential employees who are dependable, trustworthy, and diligent and who can fill your vacancy in just a matter of days, or even hours. This will ensure that your company’s operations function smoothly.

We work with consultants and immigration lawyers who will manage the most complex aspects of the hiring process. We guarantee that all processes will be equipped with legal documents and carried out by certified professionals who are experts in their field. We will also ensure that every step required by law is completed and that no stages are neglected.

As the global workforce continually changes, choosing the right partner for your manpower needs is crucial. Our ability in finding competent candidates at the right time, while readily adapting to new challenges along the way, will speak to how dependable and devoted we are to our profession. We treat both our client companies and potential candidates with the highest respect and demonstrate genuine concern for their personal and business goals. We are reliable, honest, and transparent in all of our business affairs, and from here, you can establish trust in us, strengthen our connection, and maintain our partnership.


There are many misconceptions about staffing agencies like us, but we have already shown who we are and what we are capable of. We are incredibly hands-on, and we always make sure that we are involved in every client’s application process, offering helpful advice and support, and addressing any concerns that may emerge at any stage during the hiring process. We treat everyone as a part of our growing family, and not just solely transactional. We see to it that we are their partner in achieving their dreams, and their own aspirations in life.


We extensively examine and match candidates’ skills with your specific goals and vision, and we ensure that the whole employment period runs smoothly. Currently, we serve clients and candidates in the following industries:

  • Nursing
  • Caregiving
  • Housekeeping

We aspire, like any other staffing agency, to expand and advance our services in the future to cater to more careers, to be able to assist a large number of aspiring Filipino workers who want to pursue their American Dream, and to build a reliable partnership with various US clients in their respective industries.





As the world constantly changing, and the workforce industries rapidly adapt to these changes, we will be your pillar of hope, a catalyst of your future, and your number one partner in your business endeavors. Given the chance to be your partner, we will do our best to meet your expectations and we will make sure that you’re not going to regret anything from the very start, up until the end of our collaboration. We’re here to resolve your manpower needs, but more than that, we’re here to help your company grow, and see you achieve all your dreams for your business. We are enthusiastic about the prospect of establishing a mutually beneficial professional relationship with you as we work together to achieve our corporate goals and vision for the future of our company.

If you’re ready to hire, we’re now ready too.

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