According to the Institute of International Education, around 60% of employers consider having international work experience an important factor when considering who to pick for the job. Individuals who get the opportunity for an international trainee-internship  gain global cultural exposure, build language and communication proficiency, develop adaptability — valuable job skills that give them the advantage in the highly competitive job market. Trainee-internships are valuable because they help improve your professional aptitude and personal character, and provide globalized exposure that will open many doors to opportunity. By investing in trainee-internships, you will enjoy a wider array of options when seeking and applying for a job after college. The hard and soft skills you will gain during your trainee-internship abroad will equip you with the confidence to achieve local and global professional goals competently.

Many companies offer internship and traineeship programs that are tailored for college students, college graduates, and young professionals who want to acquire hands-on experience in their respective professions/industries. As an intern/trainee, you will acquire the training and skills development you need to become at par with the best, both locally and internationally. On top of this, you will also be entitled to a salary as compensation for each hour of work while completing your trainee-internship. Many students do not realize they can apply for trainee-internship abroad, but it is actually very doable.

So how does one become an intern or trainee on the international stage, specifically in the US? The United States government has stringent regulations on the employment and trainee-internships of foreign nationals. There is no scarcity of opportunities, but there is a painstaking process one must go through. There are requirements to comply to, but the good news is, it’s totally possible to have that much-coveted US intern/trainee experience. You may apply as an intern/trainee under the J-1 Visa Program.

With the J-1 Visa, an intern or trainee can stay in the US for a maximum period of 18 months. To participate in the Exchange Visitor Program, foreign nationals must have a sponsor. While companies can become sponsors for a J-1 visa, only a few international companies manage their own J-1 visa programs. Instead, most employers work with third-party consultancy service providers like us to secure the J-1 visa for their foreign interns. 

AAWMCSI will take the load off your shoulder and take care of the complicated and oftentimes stressful process of landing you your dream US trainee-internship from finding a sponsor company, entering a satisfactory agreement with them, obtaining your J1 Exchange Visitor Visa, flying to the US, and carrying out your trainee-internship. With the laborious aspects of the application taken care of in your behalf, tit will be a far more enjoyable experience and you can look forward to the rewarding thought of bringing home a richer credential under your belt upon completion of your trainee-internship.

We are a Filipino-Americancompany and our aspiration had always been to help our fellow Filipinos in all our ventures. We have established strong affiliations with several prominent hospitality establishments like the Marriott Hotel franchise as well as with the Atlantic Hotels Group in Texas in our continuing bid to provide staffing solutions to the hospitality and tourism industry. 

As a bridge between these eminent hotels and graduates for their on-the-job training, we are certain that interns and trainees have everything to gain honing their skills in these respectable establishments. We believe that the rich experience and valuable skills you will take home after training with these institutions in the hospitality industry will immensely boost your chances in your future bid for employment in the highly competitive market.

Given the chance to be your partner, our competent team together with our able immigration lawyers will be happy to help you secure these valuable training opportunities in the US and  ensure that the entire process moves forward smoothly and is not compromised by undue delays. We are excited at the prospect of forging a mutually beneficial professional relationship with you, and in the process be able to help more Filipinos gain better employment opportunities and achieve their aspirations in life.

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