1. Orientation about the program and the process

2. Creation of Online Account

3. Online interview

4. Submission of all documentary requirements

5. Payment of Fees

6. Hiring by Sponsor Company

7. Visa Application and Receipt

8. Travel to the United States

AAWMCSI is involved in every stage from the initial client inquiry (candidates and sponsors), provision of essential basic and advanced information through consultation and completion of documentary requirements, assistance in finding candidates (employees), offering alternative back-up options, provision of continual functional and personalized support to fit individual client’s needs all the way to the last stages of the immigration process when a candidate arrives and is settled comfortably in the USA. Typically, we are very hands-on in every client’s application process, providing friendly assistance and support, and resolving any issues that arise at any point in the application process. We stand apart from the rest by providing friendly and personalized consultancy, treating every client as part of our growing family of trusted companies who possess a passionate desire to hire and sponsor staff outside the USA.

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